Duty Towards Society


MMPL's vision extends well beyond mining. Its responsibilities go well beyond unearthing mineral resource.

MMPL concern itself with ushering in a new era of economic and industrial prosperity around its project.It has been continuously serving the nation by earning valuable foreign exchange, revenue to state exchequer, continuing employment of people, availability of indigenous chromite sources and socio-economic development of a predominantly backward region of the country.


Socio-Economic Development

MMPL considers employees the most valuable assets and hence they are well nurtured andcared for. It has developed social infrastructure facilities and basic necessities like roads, hospitals, drinking water, electricity, transport, schools, recreation centers etc., in the remote areas at its mines site, not only to its employees but also to local population.

(a) Communication :

Good communication facilities such as Telephone, Fax, E-Mail etc. are available in the mines itself.

(b) Transport :

The company provides daily Bus service to the workers from mines to Jajpur Road Railway Station and back






(c) Employment Potentality :

Residents of nearby villages have been given employment in the mines. Total manpower is 173 (all categories) and the population benefited directly due to this project is about 520.

(d) Education :

Two Upper Primary Schools, one in the colony area and the other in nearby Saruabil village, are run by the company free of charge. Also a school bus is provided to transport the students to the nearby high school and college regularly.

(e) Health :

  • A fully equipped dispensary has been provided manned by full time Doctor,
    Pharmacist, Dresser, Nurses etc. to carry out medical check-up of workers and to extend free medical facilities to the employees as well as to nearby villagers.



An Ambulance has been provided to carry patients to referred hospitals for specialized treatment.

  • Camps like Family planning camps, Immunization camps, Operation camps, Health camps on specific diseases etc are held on regular basis around nearby villages by the company.
  • Workers and nearby villagers are being educated in sanitation and health related matters by the health staff.


(f) Recreation :

  • An attractive recreation center with a well-stocked library, audio and video facilities with dish antenna, amenities for indoor and outdoor games etc. have been provided in a separate spacious building in the colony area for the recreation of the workforce.
  • Regular open-air film shows are held to the benefit of general public.
  • A Children's Park is being maintained in the colony.





  • Regular cultural activities such as Yatra, Dash-kathia, Pala etc. are arranged
  • Village sports, Football tournaments are conducted every year.
  • The Company also donates generously to local clubs for development of sports and cultural activities.


(g) Housing And Other Amenities:

  • MMPL has constructed a colony with accomodation for about 400 persons.
  • The mine has well equipped canteen for the employees. The canteen is managed by the managing committee constituted as per provision under Mines Rule, 1955.





  • Well equipped Creche facilities are provided for children of female workers as per provision of Mines Act & Rules.

    (h) Other Activities :

    In the near past, the company has arranged for lift-irrigation to villagers by providing pump sets. Also open wells, ponds, tube-wells, minor-irrigation dams etc. have been provided as a social responsibility. Whenever any natural calamity such as flood, cyclone, draught had struck in the past, the management had come forward with every kind of assistance to help the affected people.

    In a nutshell the company takes good care for the social upliftment of workers as well as the nearby villagers of buffer zone to improve upon their socio-economic status along with eco & enviro conscious mining.


Enviornment Management

MMPL has always tried to maintain the nature's ecological balance by taking massive afforestation programmes, which have won several prestigous awards from Government.



"Judicious use of nature's gift of mineral resources"

"Synchronising environment and mining with prosperity and provision for posterity"


We believe in Eco Friendly Mining taking care of all statutory requirement of department of environment and forest.

The growth of mining industries significantly contributes towards economics progress. However there is no denying the fact that mining activities have some impact on existing environment but our environmentalist are alert in taking appropriate steps to protect environment and minimize undesirable impact on environment through:

Waste dump management
Mineral dressing
Rock & soil mechanics
Hydrological studies
Effluent treatment
Rehabilitation of mined areas
Air quality management
Treatment of water
Checking noise pollution
Ecological studies
Better living condition
Greater social awareness


The company has set up, first in the country, an effluent treatment plant for detoxification of hexavalent chromium present in the mine discharge water which is working efficiently for the past several years.

Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Plant