Statutory Reports

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Awards & Honour


The hard work of our technical team & management team has not gone unseen. The true combination going hand in hand through each and every corner of the land leaving no stone unturned has restrenghten our motto of "Creating Value With Every Tonne".

The company is the proud recipient of the following awards-:

Export Achievement Awards

Capexil Export Award 2000-2001 
Capexil Export Award 2001-2002 
Capexil Export Award 2002-2003 
Capexil Export Award 2003-2004
Capexil's Special Export Award 2003-2004 

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Safety & Environment Awards


Safety Awards

Year 2002-2003
Overall Performance -1st 
Vocational Training -1st 
Welfare Amenities -2nd 
Exibition Stal l - 2nd 
Best Poster -1st 
Best Slogan -1st

Year 2001-2002 
General Mine Working -1st 
Welfare Amenities - 2nd 
Overall Performance - 2nd

Year 2000-2001
General Working -1st
Overall Performance-3rd 
Best Poster - 3rd

Environment Awards

Year 2002-2003 
Sedimentation & Water Management -1st 
Overall Performance in Environment Protection & Management - 2nd 
Air Quality Management-3rd

Year 2001-2002 
Waste Dump Management-1st 
Noise,Vibration, Survey & other Scientific studies-2nd 
Air Quality Management-3rd

Year 2000-2001 
Sedimentation & Water Management-3rd