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Our Products


Chromium is a truly International Metal. The initial product - chromite ore- is mined and processed and value addition is done by Forward Integration to produce value added product that is Ferro Alloys thus satisfying more needs of customers.

The unique ingredient of chromite ore i.e. chromoium is commercially used in following industries:-

1) Chemical Industries
- leather tanning - wood preservation - pigments and dyes - electro-plating - surface coating - catalysts - drilling muds - water treatment.

2) Refractory & Foundry Industries
- lining vessels, furnaces and convertors - lining cement kilns - foundry moulding.

3) Metallurgical Industries
- stainless steels and heat-resisting steels - low alloy steels - bearing, tool, high strength low alloy steels - high speed steels - alloy cast iron - nickel and cobalt alloys - electrical resistance and super alloys - aluminium, copper and titanium alloys.


Our Product Specification.

Average Chemical Composition of Chromite Ore Friable Fines and Concentrate Produced (%)

Cr2O3 SiO2 FeO AI2O3 MgO CaO P S Cr:Fe Size in mm

Marketable Product

Metallurgical / Chemical Grade
44-56 1-7 10-15 11-14 10-14 0.2-0.4 .006 .007 2.2-4

Average Chemical Composition of the Grades of Ferrochromium Produced (%)

Cr C Si P S Size in mm
    max +10% Tolerence
High Carbon FeCr 60-70 6-8 2-4 0.03-0.05 0.05 As per request


                                High Carbon Ferrochrome